Who we Are & What We Do

We are a tightly knit group of athletes offering sports as an alternative to a community of young adults at risk of drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking and other habits that may arise from being idol.


" Now about how I developed this idea, it all ! c' started with playing soccer(training) every evening, there came a friend who took me to play in kyebando on a tuff pitch(corporate league) 5 aside that's to say 5 players on each side. It was so interesting that I enjoyed. I gave it time, secondly same friend took me for another league but this was at UCU and how special for it, it was night football.

Football on flood lights, it was another interesting moment of which it was an experience on it's own then I started getting ideas and thats how I started. All in all I have partnership with coaches who teach young ones soccer as well, I play soccer with my colleagues, so I mostly engage in playing soccer as a recreation, doing exercise as well as my friends too." ~ Fred Serunjojji


There are no better trained, more motivated athletes than the ones we train

  • We have Speed
  • We're Persistent
  • We are Driven
  • We are athletic Visionaries